Back-end developer

I enjoy bringing backend projects to life. From setting up a project with up-to-date technologies, to implement best practices according to the project and integrate it with CI/CD pipelines.

Technologies I work with: C#, .NET Core, REST APIs, xUnit, SQL, Git, Azure Pipelines, Github Actions.


Front-end developer

I find frontend development really interesting because it gives me the freedom to implement and reuse good UI/UX components to allow the end user to easily interact with an application.

Languajes I speak: HTML, CSS, Sass, AngularJS, Angular, Javascript.


Cloud integration

I'm passionate about the cloud, because it offers an immensive environment with flexibility, scalability and cost reduction without leaving behind security.

I'm experienced working with Microsoft Azure, leveraging their APIs to integrate an application with Azure AD, Azure Keyvault, Azure Functions, Azure SQL DB, etc.


Agile team player

I worked in agile teams with Scrum and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) frameworks, focusing on business value and improving the product quality by embracing change and feedback.

My personal projects

All of my projects are hosted in Azure, with custom domains, leveraging low cost components such as Static Websites that only run front-end code, Azure Functions that are consumption-based, and free tier App Services where needed.


Economy Dashboard

Cloud Web Application that renders charts with data consumed from the Central Bank of Argentina.

Stack: .NET Core, Angular, Azure Functions.


Web Chat

Cloud chat app that features the WebSockets communication technology with framework.

Stack: Node.js,, Angular, Azure App Service.


Movies Database

Web application to search movies, rate them, access to their details and leave comments.


E-Commerce Site

E-Commerce website with authentication, Web APIs and SQL DB to store products and details.